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Covid-19 PCR home test kits for only £149

Purchase a home test kit or visit our private clinic

Why Come To Us?

Fit To Fly Travel Certificates provided with every test

Results in 24-48 hours*

Safe and secure clinic for appointments

Home test kits ready to be delivered

Coronavirus Tests

At Claret Diagnostics we specialise in both PCR Coronavirus Testing and IgG Antibody Testing.

Purchase a home test kit online or book an appointment to be tested at our clinic.

NEW: Fit To Fly travel certificates provided with every PCR test result

Coronavirus PCR Swab -Home Test Kit

  • Dispatched within 24 hours.

  • Fit To Fly Certificate provided.

  • Easy to do at your own home.


Coronavirus PCR Swab Test - At Our Clinic

  • Tested at our clinic.

  • Recommended for fast results.

  • Includes Fit To Fly Certificate.



IgG Abbots Antibody Test - At Our Clinic

  • Tested at our clinic by healthcare professional. 

  • Safe & secure environment.


Corporates, Businesses & Groups Discount 

A safe and secure work place is vital in the 'new normal' and we are happy to offer a fast and secure bespoke testing service to help meet those requirements. For more information, contact us at or by clicking the mail link below.

Which Test Do You Require?

Coronavirus PCR Test - Current Infection

Available as a home-kit or visit our clinic.

Identifies if you have the virus at the time of testing.

Swab test that detects SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in your nose & throat.

Will pick up if the virus is present even if you are not showing symptoms.

Who we are

At Claret Diagnostics, we go above and beyond for our customers by offering a convenient and local option for SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus testing. Our North London Clinic extends its services for patients who choose to invest their personal resources in getting tested, relieving some of the pressure on our public services. We pride ourselves on the accuracy and reliability of our testing, operating as a branch of London Medical Laboratory.

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Claret Diagnostics is a branch of London Medical Laboratory. London Medical Laboratory are regulated by the Care Quality Commission. Certificate number: CRT1-4708702735